Dark of the Moon


The play “Dark of the Moon” was performed at Virginia Museum Theatre in February 1967. Meredith Stanley and Peter Stanley both had important roles in the play: Meredith as Barbara Allen and Peter provided musical interludes at scene changes and various points in the play.

Working with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Archives, we have produced a booklet which included two CDs of the audio tracks of the performance. This is to provide a permanent record of the performance for everyone involved and more importantly by a desire to have something for Meredith and Peter’s family and descendents.

The poorly-named audio tracks are split up so that you can quickly move to a track to hear specific songs by Meredith, Peter, Carolyn Munson and others. This is a very dark play and while it was very memorable, it was also extremely upsetting. One friend went into a depression for a week after seeing Barbara Allen’s baby killed, burned as a witch-baby and Barbara Allen raped at a revival to ‘cleanse her of her sins’ and dying at the end of the play. So probably few will want to listen to the entire performance.

We printed 30 copies of the booklet and gave them out. We can make more CDs on request. The booklet is provided here.

Dark of the Moon.pdf