East Cottage



This is the East Cottage at Rosegill which dates from about 1720. It was built by John Wormeley along with the main house and the cottage on the west side.

We have done a lot of work on the house, including new windows on the east end and second floor, new appliances, new HVAC, painting, etc.

This is the land side of the house, and you can see the Rappahannock River to the north.

Now let's take a tour of the cottage.

There is a sidewalk on the land side, and you can enter the cottage from the porch entrance. The porch is now a simpler design.

First Floor Plan

Enter from the porch into the front hall with the living room on the left. The floor has been refinished, but you can only sand a floor so many times. It retains a lot of character befitting the Rosegill's history.

The fireplace is fully operational with a chimney that has been relined. The wires in the window are to the satellite dish antenna by the carport.

Looking east to the front hall, you can see the new mini-split on the wall for heating and air conditioning. Now, go through the front hall and to the kitchen.

This is a hall that can be used as an office.

Turn left here to go into the downstairs bedroom and bath, or straight ahead into the kitchen.

The cabinets are now painted a bright white. All new appliances. New tile floor. Dishwasher is by the sink but not shown here.

Second Floor Plan
Two bedrooms upstairs, and a central bath between them.

East Upstairs Bedroom

West Upstairs Bedroom

Downstairs bedroom, bath to the left.

The carport, home to many a crab-picking feast, has open walls and overlooks the river. Root cellar is down the steps and under the low roof. Note TV antenna.

Nothing glamorous about the back of the house, entrance to the basement, heat pump and back porch.

Before we get into specifics on the house, let's first remember what life at Rosegill is. Towering trees over a beautiful lawn. Two lakes with great walks around them. There are all the people you'll be living with in close quarters, sharing a swimming pool, netting crabs at the dock with dogs fighting with crabs, children squealing, guitar music under the stars, and the best swing you ever saw.

It's important to us that everyone be compatible. If this isn't your kind of place, don't want to be part of the scene with dogs, children and families who all love each other, please find another place. And if it doesn't work out, our lease provides for three months notice to cancel by landlord or tenant.

Rent is $1,450 per month, with water but no utilities. Tenant responsible for dealing with Dominion Power, telephone, propane, etc. Lawn mowing and swimming pool maintenance by Rosegill.

We have wifi coverage of the main house and lawn with three Apple Airport Extreme routers, which provides great reception for iPhone, iPads, etc. You're welcome to join the Rosegill wifi network with your own Apple Airport routers.

With 2,050 S.F., the rent is above the typical rental for a house in the area, but this is hardly a typical house, and it's extremely reasonable considering the recent improvements and all you have living at Rosegill.

Of course we like dogs, but no cats. Credit check and excellent references will be required.

The main house is available on VRBO, and we will have some guests who will rent for a week, however we have a local inn-keeper who will handle all this.

We only want to rent to a family who will be living at Rosegill full time, and of course we understand that might include a commute to work.

Rosegill is owned by Rosegill Farm, LLC with an office at 5407 Patterson Ave, Suite 202B, Richmond, VA 23226.

We have rented the house to Brad and Marla Cole, so the house is no longer for rent!

Alfred Scott