Design History

In 1978, Jonathan Poston along with Paul Buchanan and Jim Waite of Colonial Williamsburg measured the buildings at Rosegill and did a series of conceptual drawings of how the houses may have been changed over the years.

These drawings are in the Vertical Files, Rockefeller Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation under Lecture on Rosegill, Jonathan Poston 1979


Gable Roof, Stone Footings

John Wormeley (1689-1727)
replaced earlier buildings



[?] 1720-26
Stone Footings

John Wormeley [d. ?] 1726 then occupied by his widow
Elizabeth Robinson [Ring?] Wormeley until her death in 1761



Mansard Roof

Ralph Wormeley IV (1715-1790)
occupied on [his?] [widow?] until 1973




Ralph Wormeley V (1744-1806)



Two Story, Gable Roof

John Bailey
(purchased 1850)




Sidney Shannon
(purchased 1944)

Roof burned July 1977, rebuilt December 1977



This foundation plan is very difficult to read, and may in fact be upside down here.




Conceptual drawing of building locations