These are home movies, beginning in 1939 with movies that Father took with his 16mm movie camera and then with other family movies taken with 8mm movies, then VHS camcorders, and now we're all into iPhones.

I've had the old movies digitized and I'm now in the process of importing them into Final Cut Pro X (FCP) and editing them. I really don't know where all this will end up, whether we will have a DVD, put these on YouTube, add music tracks, etc. But this is a first step.

I am very interested in any suggestions you may have.

This is a lengthy process.

The first step is to import the raw footage into FCP, then crop the images so it takes off garbage on the edges of the screen.

Next step is to cut the 'film strip' into individual clips that can be moved around and edited separately.

I've been eliminating too-dark clips, and often scenes of landscapes (Hawaii mountains, harvesting sugar cane, pineapples, etc).

I can edit the color of the clips to improve the image, but there are real limitations on what you can do with poor image quality.

Rather than send emails to everyone with individual links to the movies, I've decided to bring it all together, so all you need to do is to bookmark this page.

Alfred Scott
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FWS/EPS honeymoon in Hawaii

Inauguration of PanAm Clipper service Hawaii to mainland

Send off on ship Matsonia with the Philip Bournes



At Rockledge Cottage

At Royal Orchard pool

Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, John Hayes, John Lyons, Nancy Wortham
A Coleman Baskerville houseparty

Grandfather Scott's 77th birthday

EPS/FWS at Royal Orchard, November 1939, skiing, ice storm

Buckhead Plantation, Georgia



Royal Orchard pool
Rossie in white suit.  Billy Reed diving.  Races.

Virginia Beach
Buford rented the Purcell cottage (on 51st St. I think).
We were guests, along with Dana & Carolyn Weeder, Mary Lowe’s sister & spouse.
Also the Walter Robertsons & Jaque Taylor. Views of shipping, and Mary Denny crawling.
EPS, Mary Lowe & Sidney B., Buford



Royal Orchard
Royal Orchard swimming pool, Fred, Rossie, ESB, Fred Reed, Alice, Mary Buford,
Rossie picks up Fred Reed.  Mary Lowe in red suit w. Mary Denny.
Three in pool:  ESB with MaryB, EPS with Fred, Mary L with Mary Denny
Hay wagon loading.  EPS pushing Fred.  Fred in blue sweater.
Pool jumpers.    Fred in stroller.
Baseball game on back lawn.  Pops in background.  Mother walking away from camera.
Alice Reed  w ?

Fred small baby

Jake Hicks with hay wagon

Anticosti Island, salmon fishing Elisabeth & Jack Bocock, Elizabeth & Fred Scott
Anticosti Island in the St. Lawrence River, Canada.
Elizabeth & Jack Bocock and EPS & FWS left our new babies Fred & Mary Buford
at Royal Orchard while we went salmon fishing.

The title for the original movie is marked summer 1940, but EPS clearly remembers
leaving Fred and Mary Buford at Royal Orchard, so this is a 1941 movie.

Horse named Maggie pulled us in rowboat up the stream. (En avant, MaggEE!).

Sailing with the Bournes, Salem, Mass



Bayonne, NJ, Alfred & Clem Pinkerton, Beau, FWS, EPS & Fred
Grandma and Pops, Alan with Tolly, Bledsoe

Boca Raton, Fla. Buford dancing with Mary Denny, Fred in driveway



1942 EPS & Fred at Rothsay pool

5407 Sleigh ride, EPS & Fred

1943 Fred & Alfred at 909 West Franklin St

1944 Elk Hill, Buford walking with children
Alfred & Fred on horses

Sabot pool, Lib Reed & Fred

Virginia Beach, Fred, Alfred, Tolly
FWS stationed at Fort Eustis

1945 Fred at 909 in kilt
dressed for Flossie Bryan’s birthday party at Laburnum.

Pierce Arrow at Royal Orchard, EPS, Fred, Catherine MacDonald, nurse
FWS and boys hauling ice

1945? Ingleside, Lyn & Alfred in wagon, Fred & Tolly, Ann Pinkerton



Loudonville, N.Y. FWS stationed at G.E. in Schenectady
Catherine MacDonald, nurse with RSS in playpen, Fred & Alfred manhandling Strother




Dog is Topey (kennel name Topaz Sunset Puff)
Gulley (down hill toward the Bowl, we called this the Grand Canyon).
Mawyer House, since torn down. Our playroom ceiling beams are from this house.

Clearing brush (Shannon Mawyer & Carroll Critzer).

Plowing snow with jeep.  We had 20” two Saturdays in a row.

Bundoran Farm



Royal Orchard pool

All of us lined up under the crabapple tree heavy with fruit – ESB’s idea to show how prolific we were.

Group on steps



Building barns, etc. at Bundoran



1948 Old house, Bundoran
Blackie the cat,
Trombone the beagle
Charlotte Mulford

Pink Sands, Harbor Island

1949 Back yard, 5407 Billy Reed, John Lyons



1949 Bundoran Farm



Crabtree Falls
Dr. & Mrs. Pinkerton, EPS and Ann Pinkerton

Old Home Week Donegal
Cousin Pierson, Host.
The 100th anniversary of the Scotts arriving in this country.
This was all the descendents of Frederic Robert Scott, whose portrait people named Fred are holding up.
(A few years later, Alex Campbell invited us all out to Lexington, Ky.)



Camping at Joe Henley's lake using trailer FWS and boys built.

New house being built
Fred, Tolly & Topey



Royal Orchard pool
lots of babies, FWS 10? so 1951



New house at Bundoran
FWS and Charlotte Mulford
Fred, Alfred & Strother




Ingleside (back of house). Mother, Pops, & heifer.  Alan in straw hat &  County Agent (I think).

Ti, Ann, Tolly, Lyn, Mother, Pops, dogs.  Fanny Burton (I think) & children at rear of house. 1953 is a guess

Alan, Mary Dozier Carter, Ti on horse, view toward graveyard hill, Tolly w horse, Lyn, Alan



1953 Fred's 4H heifer, Fred's first game (rabbit), Ti Pinkerton

1954 Jack Bocock's birthday
Alfred (12?) with mandolin, Leasie



1955 Tennis Court, Swimming pool, Bundoran



West Coast & Canada
Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Camp Manitucky with Lyons Browns



Building Lake Scogo, scenes around house, pool wall, Fred to EHS



Florida, Haiti and Jamaica
with Hilda and John Pangman



To England, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland


1986 Royal Orchard House Party
Peter Stanley playing Old 97, Reuben James with Christopher
Jolly & David deGive, Hulchers, Kinloch Nelsons, etc.
Sara is about 10, so this would be 1986



Five Little Scotts Discussing Royal Orchard in 1966 at Rothesay

Recording by George Wayne Anderson of Isabel Scott Anderson (ISA), Buford Scott (BS),
Elisabeth Scott Bocock (ESB), Fred Scott (FWS), and Mary Ross Scott Reed (MRSR).

01. George Wayne Setting Things Up

02. Father's Weight, FWS

03. Letter from Jean Evans, FWS

04. Student Riots Letter, FWS

05. How We Bought Royal Orchard, FWS

06. No Sorrow at Royal Orchard, Sending Liza Bell Home, MRSR

07. Set of China,ESB

08. Standing in Line for Bathroom, MRSR

09. Strength of Character
FWS on wanting a billy goat and ended up with Cocker Spaniel

10. Asking for Motorcycle

11. Were You Ill? First Car
ISA asks BS if he was ill

12. ESB on Buying Royal Orchard

13. Flower Garden and Rose Cottage, ESB

14. Thought It Was Called Rogue Cottage

15. Interfered with View, BS

16. Swim Suits, ISA

17. ESB on Cutting Limbs

18. All Working at Royal Orchard, MRSR

19. When We Got Electricity, MRSR

20. Weekend in Cold Weather, ESB

21. Have Nerve to Build, FWS

22. Cows & Sheep, MRSR

23. Angus Barn Hostess, FWS

24. Mountain Top, ISA

25. Not Interested in Facts, FWS

26. Lunch Here?

27. Quoting my Book, MRSR & BS!

28. Baylises to Jamaica, Elmer Block

29. Mary Buford's Wedding, Delphinium Travails, ESB

30. What Are We Talking About?

31. Reason for Happiness, ESB

I will be happy to burn CDs for anyone who requests them, but I would
prefer to have all this moved to the Royal Orchard website. Alfred Scott


Harvard Telephone Pranks
Jimmy Stanley and friends having fun calling people


Prank 2

Prank 3

Prank 4

Prank 5

Peter Stanley, Letters from Vietnam

Feb 16, 1964

Feb 18, 1964

Dark of the Moon

Meredith Stanley and Peter Stanley in play at Virginia Museum Theatre

Act 1

Act 2

Bouknadel Kennels

Alfred in Morroco in the 1960s recording the sounds of the dogs in the dog kennel

Tape 1

Tape 2









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