Fred Pierson

John Fred Pierson was born in New York City on February 25, and died December 12, 1932. He lived at 20 West 52nd Street, NYC and at Newport, Rhode Island. He is buried in the Pierson plot at Ramapo Cemetery.


Fred Scott adjusting Pierson Scott's tie at his wedding in 1955

Pierson Scott was Fred Pierson's grandson, and he was given a copy of the memoirs, which bore a penciled title of "General Pierson's Memoirs. Vol. 13" on the first page. Pierson adored his grandfather, who he was was the most interesting man he ever knew, and he visited with him often in New York City. On his death, Pierson's copy of the memoirs were given to my parents, Frederic and Elizabeth Scott, and the portrait of Fred Pierson was given to Tom McCarter. -- Alfred Scott


Tom McCarter

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Fred Scott   

Elizabeth Scott

Fred Scott, my father, was Pierson Scott's first cousin, and a close friend as well. He died in 1980.

Elizabeth Scott, my mother, had Fred Pierson's memoirs among her possessions, and mentioned it to me in August 2001. I quickly offered that 'all we have to do is scan it and make copies available on the Internet.' It wasn't that simple. The original document was mimeographed and my scanning software could not recognize the lettering. I struggled with it for a while, then gave up ending the scanned mess, and suggested that maybe Mother should hire a typist. She already had an iMac, so she decided to tackle it herself, and she typed the chapters and emailed them to me. So she's the one who really did all the work. -- Alfred Scott

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Alfred Scott. I'm the one in the background.

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