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Ramapo To Chancellorsville And Beyond


Since 'publishing' our first edition, we have discovered two glaring mistakes:

Page 53 & 56. The photograph was sent to us by a member of the Pierson family, and we assumed it was of Fred Pierson, the subject of our book. It is, instead, a photograph of Fred Pierson Jr., his son-as is clearly indicated in the caption. Color us stupid. We now think the photograph was taken in the 1890's, well after the civil war.

Page 141, 142 & 143. Again, the photograph is of Fred Pierson, Jr., the son of General Pierson. We assumed, when we saw the photographs of the "Brooklyn Strike" this this was the disbanding of the civil war unit on its return to NYC, and thus we named the chapter the 'Brooklyn Strike', thinking it was something like 'striking the tent.' In fact, as the February 2, 1985 issue of Harper's Weekly describes in "The Great Strike in Brooklyn", this was a labor dispute, where the street-car workers went out on strike and the army was called in to maintain order.

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