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"Ramapo to Chancellorsville and Beyond"
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At the outbreak of the Civil War, Fred Pierson joined the Union army in a New York volunteer regiment at the rank of Captain.

In the war, he was attached to the Army of the Potomac, participated in the battles of Bethel, Hampton Roads, Fair Oaks, Peach Orchard, Glendale, Charles City, Cross Roads, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Chantilly, Fredericksburg 1st and 2nd, and Chancellorsville. He was wounded at Chantilly and was confined for several months at Libby Prison in Richmond. At Chancellorsville, he was shot through the chest and was severely wounded, but he continued in command of his regiment.

Soon after this, he took his regiment back to New York, its term of service having expired and was promoted to Brevet Brigadier General at the age of 23, reportedly the second youngest (after Custer) Brevet Brigadier General of the Union army.

Fred Pierson wrote his memoirs in his 90's, and a few copies were distributed among members of the Pierson family, who put them on their shelves among other family papers. One copy ended up in the possession of Elizabeth Scott, and working with her son, Alfred, they have reproduced the memoirs as "Ramapo to Chancellorsville and Beyond" complete with many photographs and additional materials provided by the Pierson family.

Fred Pierson is an accomplished writer with a Teddy Roosevelt personality. His account of watching unarmed slaves paddling to freedom and being shot in their boat by Rebel soldiers is chilling, but nothing compared to his account of the battle of Chancellorsville. From childhood romances and devilments, to watching the Monitor and the Merrimac, to hunting and killing desperados in the old west, "Ramapo to Chancellorsville" is a delightful book, and it is available as a free e-book (print your own) at

In publishing the book, Elizabeth and Alfred Scott hope that the document will receive wide circulation, by any means on the Internet or by historical societies who might wish to publish any or all of it. They claim no copyright and ask that anyone interested in this document to please print or give copies as thay see fit. The document is available at in PDF format, and they ask that it be included in any website that covers the civil war, history or whatever.

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